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Droplet: Research

Reduced Contact Time on Hot Surface

Droplets impacting on a solid surface and the movement of liquid droplets on a solid surface are common phenomena in our daily life. These phenomena are also widely seen in many industrial systems. However, a high mobile liquid droplet has never been realized on a hot surface with concurrent contact boiling and the Leidenfrost effect (the so-called Janus thermal state). It is very challenging to simultaneously reduce the contact time and enhance the droplet mobility in the Janus state because of bubbling on a solid surface. In this work, we overcome these difficulties and achieve a large reduction of contact time in the Janus state.

Related articles:

  • ​Venkataraman Sahoo, Ching-Wen Lo and Ming-Chang Lu, Leidenfrost suppression and contact time reduction of a drop impacting on silicon nanowire array-coated surfaces, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 148, 118980, 2020.

  • Venkataraman Sahoo, Chu-Yao Chou, Ching-Wen Lo and Ming-Chang Lu, Elongated Bouncing and Reduced Contact Time of a Drop in the Janus State, Langmuir, 34, pp. 10874-10879, 2018.

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