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  • 羅景文老師指導大學部專題生參加 2023 TCN創客松競賽榮獲創客潛力獎,題目: 自動啤酒泡沫機,專題生: 黃英隼、林廷威、陳昱翰 

New Members

  • Welcome 2023' new master students, 兆宸、子震、亮瑜、宇廷、瑞豪

New Members

  • Welcome 2022' new master students, 子松, 皓惟, 晨光,  鎮維, 柏霖 and a PhD student 迺文 !

​Tech News

  • 恭喜 ! 中興機械羅景文老師與台大機械呂明璋老師之團隊共同合作發表在Small之研究「在高溫疏水表面上降低液滴接觸時間」被Wiley旗下材料科學類期刊官方平台報導。點我讀文章報導

Cover Image

  • Congrats! our recent article in the upcoming issue of Small has been selected to be featured on a frontispiece in the issue.

Recent Papers

Invited Talk

  • 半導體及光電先進封裝材料與智慧製造產學交流會

  • 科技部熱流學門專題研究計畫成果發表會邀請演講

  • 勤益科技大學冷凍空調與能源系專題演講

New Members

  • Welcome our 2021' members, 雨臻, 恩臨, 育昇, 祐德, 昱仁 and 明貞 !

Joined NCHU

  • Dr. Ching-Wen Lo recently joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering at National Chung Hsing University as an Assistant Professor.  

Lab Launched

  • The Phase Change Heat Transfer (PCHT) Laboratory is directed by Dr. Ching-Wen Lo. Our lab's research intersects can be found in Research. We are always looking for motivated graduate and undergraduate students, postdocs, and visiting scholars to join our team. See more detail in Openings section, If interested, please email PI.

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