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Ongoing Project

Liquid-Vapor Phase Change

Our research in liquid-vapor phase change focuses on the mechanisms and dynamics of boiling and condensation processes. We aim to enhance heat transfer efficiency in various applications, from industrial cooling systems to power generation. By investigating phase transition behaviors, we develop advanced techniques to optimize thermal management and energy conversion processes.

​Electronics Cooling

Our work on electronics cooling focuses on developing advanced cooling techniques to manage the heat generated by electronic devices. We explore innovative solutions such as immersion cooling, phase change, heat pipe, vapor chamber and microchannel cooling plate to enhance the thermal performance of electronic systems. Our research aims to ensure the reliability and efficiency of electronic devices, from consumer electronics to high-performance computing systems.

Droplets and Bubbles Dynamics

We study the formation, movement, and interaction of droplets and bubbles on different surfaces. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for improving heat transfer efficiency and developing innovative solutions for thermal management. Our research provides insights into the behavior of droplets and bubbles under various conditions, contributing to advancements in both fundamental science and practical applications.

Water Harvesting

Our research in water harvesting focuses on developing technologies to extract potable water from the atmosphere. By utilizing advanced condensation techniques, we aim to capture water vapor from the air and convert it into clean, drinkable water. This approach addresses the growing need for sustainable water resources, particularly in arid regions and areas with limited access to fresh water. Our innovations in water harvesting contribute to the development of efficient and scalable solutions for water scarcity challenges.

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