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Phase Change: Research

Enhanced Heat Transfer

Condensation can be enhanced by using micro/nanostructured surfaces. However, no surface was able to avoid the flooding-induced condensation heat transfer deterioration at high ΔTsub (the degree to which the condenser surface is cooled relative to the surrounding vapor). Here, we propose a brand-new three-dimensional (3D) hybrid surface to prevent the condensation surface from flooding.

Related articles: 

  • Ching-Wen Lo, Yu-Cheng Chu, Ming-Han Yen, and Ming-Chang Lu, Enhancing Condensation Heat Transfer on Three-Dimensional Hybrid Surfaces, Joule, 3, 2806-2823, 2019.

  • Ming-Chang Lu, Chien-Chang Lin, Ching-Wen Lo, Cheng-Wei Huang, and Chi-Chuan Wang, Superhydrophobic Si Nanowires for Enhanced Condensation Heat Transfer, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer​, 111, pp. 614-623, 2017.

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